Fausto Minelli is a Full Professor in Structural Engineering at the University of Brescia, Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Land, Environment and of Mathematics (DICATAM). His research interests include mechanical characterization of fibre reinforced concrete and high performance concrete, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, high performance concrete structures, non-linear modelling of r.c. structures and rehabilitation and restoration of existing buildings.
The research activity is mainly focused on the structural level, with also a number of studies at the material level.
The research activity always develops form theoretical aspects, which are an useful tool for better understanding the resistant mechanisms and the structural behaviour of members.
The experimental programs are always finalized at the definition of global and local behaviours/responses. The experimentation is also significant for the evaluation of analytical and numerical models.
Four main research topics can be outlined:
- Mechanical characterization of FRC and HPC materials;
- Shear behaviour of members without transverse reinforcement;
- Structural Applications of Fibre-Reinforced-Concrete.
- Structural retrofitting of existing buildings, with special emphasis on r.c. and masonry structures.

- Fausto Minelli is author of more than 90 scientific papers, 50 of which published in international journals or in international conferences;
- His conference paper got the price “Best Student Paper: Structures Category” during the International conference ConMat ’05, Vancouver, Canada, August 22-24, 2005;
- He was the advisor of about 20 master theses and co-advisor of about 90 master theses discussed at the University of Brescia, some of which with the support of foreign Universities;
- He has been a member since 2008 of fib TG 4.2 “Ultimate Limit State Models”;
- He has been a member since 2013 of fib TG 8.3: “Design of FRC Structures”.
- he is a member of the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program “Civile and Environmental Engineering” running at the University of Brescia;
- From 2008 to 2013 he was a member of the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program “Preservation and structural rehabilitation of historical and modern buildings” running at the University of Brescia; He was also in charge of the Secretariat of the Course;
- He was editor and main organizer of the international workshop ”Recent developments on shear and punching shear in RC and FRC elements, held in Salò, October 15-16, 2010;
- He was a member of the scientific committee of the International conference Befib 12, held in Portugal, September 2012;
- He is a member of the scientific committee of the ACI/fib International Workshop on Fiber Reinforced Concrete: from Design to Structural Applications”, July 24,25, 2014, Montréal
- He took part in the organizing Committees of the international conference “Befib 04”, Varenna, September 2004, “FraMCos 6”, Catania, June 2007 and “Bond in Concrete”, Brescia, 2012;
- From 2006 to 2012 he was in charge of the Organizing Secretariat of the National Research Group on “Hybrid Steel Truss–RC Beams”, working under the supervision of CIS-E, Milano;
- He attended 18 international and 7 national conferences;
- He is official reviewer of the international journals “ACI Structural Journal”, Engineering Structures" "KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering", "Materials and Structures", "Journal of Engineering Mechanics" and "European Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering";
- He now teaches the IV year course “Theory of Structures and Design Project” (12 ECFS);
- He has been involved since more than 10 years in teaching and tutorial activities in the courses of “Structural Rehabilitation” and “Theory of Structures” at the University of Brescia.

Fausto Minelli, PhD,
Full Professor of Structural Engineering
DICATAM - Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environment, Land Planning and Mathematics,
Via Branze, 43
25123 Brescia, Italy
Phone: +39 030 3711 277
Fax: +39 030 3711 312
e-mail: fausto.minelli@unibs.it
URL: http://fausto-minelli.unibs.it

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